Academic Year Program

 Academic Coaching

Throughout the Academic year, the RMSC students and staff maintain contact to ensure students are on track for success in their classes.  The RMSC staff monitor student performance, make course recommendations, and arrange tutoring and/or academic coaching as needed.

Student Support Groups

RMSC holds monthly meetings and/or virtual workshops to help students work on study skills and other organizational and academic life skills.  These meetings also allow students to discuss and share academic experiences with each other.

Weekly Homework Challenges

Student can join in virtual evening homework office hours where they can set goals to keep them motivated and progressing in their assignments while earning chances at prizes.

24-7 Tutor Access

The RMSC subscribes to Tutor Me which gives students access to LIVE tutors any day, any time, any subject!

College Visits and Fieldtrips

The RMSC offers multiple college visits and trips during the academic year.  College visits allow students to see a variety of college campus and to learn about different programs offered at these schools.  There are additional opportunities to join in group fieldtrips to STEM event and/or other educational or cultural events.

In-School Visits/ RMSC Library Meetings

RMSC staff visit schools or public libraries monthly to meet with students to discuss progress and work on study and academic skills.

Senior Year Assistance

The RMSC staff works closely with seniors as they navigate the college application process.  Assistance is provided in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and college and scholarship applications.  The RMSC will also assist by providing college application fee waivers and letters of recommendation.  RMSC staff can also help students understand their award packages from prospective colleges and help students and parents to make informed decisions about college enrollment.   

Academic Year Requirements

In order to remain in good standing and be eligible* to return for subsequent summer programs, RMSC students must meet the following criteria:

  • Communicate monthly (virtual or in-person)
  • Complete Quarterly Progress Report Surveys
  • Complete at least one Math and one Science Course each year 
  • Maintain Grades- Students are required to keep at least a 2.5 GPA with no D or F grades, and A or B grades in math and science course.  Academic Coaching is provided when students are not on track to meet these requirements.


Participants of the Regional Math/Science Center Academic Year Program