Summer Program

Each summer, RMSC students live on the FSU campus where they conduct in-depth, hands-on scientific research investigations, interact with scientists and mathematicians, and participate in a variety of classes, workshops, and activities designed to help them succeed in their high school classes and to prepare them for college-level math and science courses. 

Scientific Research

One of the major goals of the Summer Program is to teach students how to conduct scientific investigations. 

Every summer students participate in one of the following science research projects:   

  • 2-Week Introductory Project- research designed for rising 9th and 10th graders. 
  • 3-Week Intermediate Project- research designed for rising 10th and 11th graders.
  • 5-Week Advanced Project- research designed for rising 11th and 12th graders. 

Senior Program

Rising seniors participate in an additional 3-4 day Senior Program where they explore majors and colleges that offer majors of interest, work on college and financial aid applications, and develop application and scholarship essays. 

Living on Campus

During the summer, students get a taste of what it is like to live on a college campus.  They live with a roommate in a residence hall, attend classes in the university classrooms and laboratories, eat in the dining hall, and use facilities like the indoor pool and athletic fields.  RMSC Tutor Counselors, college students majoring in math and science and hired to mentor our students, live in the residence halls and attend all classes and activities with our students. 

Activities & Weekends

At the end of the academic day, students engage in various activities ranging from sports and outdoor activities to crafts, games, and singing.  On the weekends, students are rewarded for their hard work with cultural and recreational trips to museums, theaters, historic landmarks, zoos, parks, pools, and more. 

Participants of the Regional Math/Science Center Summer Program