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What adventure will you choose?

Nothing broadens the mind like seeing the world. Surveys report that more than 80% of employers said they actively sought graduates who had studied abroad, and research says internationally inclined students, on average earn $7,000 more in starting salaries.

Frostburg State offers many ways to study abroad, for a few weeks to a semester or a year. We have eight partner institutions in seven countries and over a dozen program providers that offer opportunities in over 140 locations worldwide. Many of Frostburg’s study abroad programs are available for the same cost as our tuition, and your financial aid even applies to many international study programs.

Serving in remote villages in Uganda and Peru, learning about Ecuador's indigenous people, interning in a school in Denmark, touring a factory in China - these are just a few of the adventures Frostburg State students have experienced.

See Where You Can Go

My entire perspective of the world and life changed [after traveling abroad]. I see every day differently, and I see my future differently.

Katie McCartney, Mass Communication Major

Katie McCartney

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