Welcome to the Children's Literature Centre!

The Children's Literature Centre promotes literacy by:
  • Providing a focal point for the study and dissemination of children's literature.
  • Serving as the catalyst for new and innovative approaches to building the foundations of literacy through technology.
  • Developing positive attitudes toward reading through a collaborative network including home, school and community.
  • Working to cultivate an awareness and understanding of current children's literature, authors and illustrators.
  • Building a bridge to cultural understanding through children's literature. 

New space, new books for the CLC! 
This year, we are celebrating all things "new." We are launching a new initiative since we have moved into a new home in a new building. Please consider making a gift this year to allow us to share new books with children who visit the CLC as well as to grow our collection of books in our new space!


CLC Merchandise Now Available Online!!!!

*Items are sold from our online store through Bonfire and ship to your home.

Merchandise includes:
-Long-Sleeve T-Shirts
-Tote Bag

CLC_MerchandiseCLC_Merchandise2Children's Lit Centre Mug         

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