Create a Reservation Request

After logging in, you will need to follow a few steps to complete your reservation request:  

  • Specify When and Where
  • Specify Who and  What
  • Choose Services (if available for the venue you select)
  • Finalize Event Details

To Create a Reservation Request 

  1. You can begin making a reservation by clicking the CREATE A RESERVATION option (on the left menu) or the Book Now button next to one of your reservation templates (on the right).  NOTE:  Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and their advisors will need to choose the appropriate "Student-Org" template (if available) for reservation requests being made on behalf of the organization!

    Create a Reservation

  2. Next, the Create a Reservation screen appears, where EMS Web App will lead you through the reservation process. Enter information (including all required fields) using the Next Step button to advance through the process.

    Go through Reservation Process


  1. To specify When, select dates, times, recurrence (optional), and time zone for the reservation in the upper left panel.
  2. To specify Where, in lower left panel, select one of the following:

    • Let Me Search For A Room OR
    • I Know What Room I Want

TIPS:  Keep in mind that certain venues have minimum attendance numbers.  For example, if you state that 70 people are attending, the ARMAH will not appear as an available room due to the required minimum attendance.  

Venues with minimum attendance numbers:

  • Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall (ARMAH):  100
  • Atkinson Room:  50

EMS Where and When Photo

TIPS: Filters in the left panel help you narrow your Room Search Results. When you click Search, results appear on the right. From these results, you can view expanded Room Details by clicking on the room name, and you can view any available floor plans by clicking the floor plan icon next to it.

You can click the Add/Remove buttons next to Locations, Floors, Setup Types, and Features to add or expand your filters. 

  1. To filter your search by Location, click Add/Remove next to Location. This presents a list of locations by Building or view. Select the locations filters you want to apply (or search by keyword), and then click Update Locations. This filters the results of your keyword search on the Add New Favorite Room dialog (above). Your filter settings are saved, and you will have to go back in and remove them if you want to expand search results beyond these locations.

    EMS Locations photo

  2. Once you have located a room to request, click the Add (+) icon to add it to your reservation. This adds the booking to your cart.  You can change your mind and delete or change the room for the booking before you finalize your reservation.

Attendance and Setup Type Options Photo

TIPS:  Not every setup type is available for every room on campus.  In fact, most venues have a standard setup which cannot be deviated from.  Exceptions typically occur in the Lane University Center where varied setup options are available for most spaces.  

Once you have selected your attendance count and setup type, click the "Next Step" button to proceed to Adding Services.