Mission and Purpose of Online Learning

Mission of Online Learning at FSU

The principal mission of online learning at FSU is to enhance student access to the University’s academic programs. Of equal importance, FSU's online education is intended to help students acquire the technical skills and online learning strategies important to the pursuit of their academic and career goals. By developing and teaching online courses, FSU faculty also acquire new instructional skills important to their professional growth and development. The University is committed to providing students and faculty the support and resources they need to succeed as participants in online education.

The Importance of Online Learning at FSU

Online learning allows FSU students to pursue their degree requirements outside of the traditional classroom setting and can accelerate or enhance their time to degree. FSU's online courses are especially important to Graduate students who are working professionals seeking an advanced degree in their fields and to those FSU Undergraduate students who cannot attend on-site classes because of work or family obligations. As stated above in the Mission Statement, an additional and equally important benefit of online learning is that it helps students develop the technical skills and online learning strategies they need to pursue their future educational and professional goals.

FSU academic programs delivered fully online are primarily Graduate programs designed to meet the scheduling needs of working professionals. The RN to BSN program is an Undergraduate program designed for the same purpose. These online programs support the university's mission of serving regional and statewide economic and workforce development needs by reaching populations that would otherwise be constrained by availability.

Online learning also provides professional development opportunities for FSU faculty. By teaching online, faculty members learn to use instructional tools and strategies that are increasingly commensurate with student abilities, interests, and expectations. The faculty at FSU have supported online education at the University through their full participation in a variety of relevant planning and advisory groups and by serving as online instructors.

Finally, online learning greatly benefits the University by increasing enrollments, thereby generating additional revenues. In good economic times, these revenues can be used to support important institutional priorities and initiatives.