You can join by picking an application up in the S.A.F.E. Office, located in Pullen 109. Ask anyone in there for an application and they'd be happy to assist you. Just turn it back into the S.A.F.E Office, or if you'd rather do the application online, that's fine too! Just download the document by clicking here and e-mail them to our Recruitment Chair, Kaitlyn Henderson-Adams But please be sure to read this page in FULL before submitting an application!  

After your application is received it will be reviewed and an interview will be arranged with you and a few members of our Leadership Team that make up our Interview Committee. The interview will be arranged to whenever best fits your schedule during the day and it will take place in Pullen Hall Room 109. Interviews are a great opportunity for you to meet members of the Leadership Team and ask any questions you have about joining. We'll ask you a few questions and that'll be all!

We will get back to you on the status of your potential membership following review of your interview and application with the rest of the Leadership Team. You will most likely be notified no later than the following Tuesday Evening of your interview. 

Before applying, please be cognizant that we expect certain things from our new members. Some include:

  • Participate in a Peer Educator Certification process (typically done in 2-3 sessions) within your first year of membership.
  • A passing score on the Certified Peer Educator exam.
  • Minimum of 2 hours a week participation
  • Attending General Body meetings
  • Completion volunteer hours in Bobcat Connect.
  • Be willing to take healthy risks.
  • Understanding that being a positive role model is essential.
  • Checking your FSU e-mail daily
  • Be willing and excited to learn more about Wellness (topics include: Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Sexual Wellness, Nutrition and more!)   

If you have any questions feel free to stop by the S.A.F.E. Office and talk to someone about it, or contact our Advisor, Don Swogger, or one of our Lead Team Members.

If you are an incoming first year student and interested in our FYI retreat, please apply today! Application deadlines for the FYI retreat is 6/28/20. Check out our recruitment video!



BURG Peer Education Network

S.A.F.E. Office in Pullen Hall, Room 109
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532

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Don Swogger
Director of Substance Abuse | S.A.F.E. Office

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