The Who Says Campaign

This Is The End.

This week is the end of self doubt, and insecurities.

Frostburg State University is a campus full of many people, and cultures. What makes this such a beautiful place is that no matter who we are, we are able to come together and fulfill a common purpose. Whether you are here to get a degree, work, or just visit we each contribute to the campus' population. Each of us are unique and we should value ourselves. After all, who says we can't?

Who Says By: Selena Gomez

The Who Says Campaign is a week long initiative geared towards positive body image. This campaign is to combat the negative feelings that some may have about themselves whether it be about the way they look, or their personality. This campaign is based around Selena Gomez's song "Who Says". Join the BURG Peer Education Network in a positive spirit and love yourself! Who Says?

The Week's Events:

Freshmen- Joining us for some of these events could get you ORIE credit!

Operation Beautiful FSU Edition

Join us in plastering our campus with positive and inspiring messages. Tell someone that you appreciate them! Tell yourself how wonderful you are! Who Says you're not? Learn more about Operation Beautiful.

Human Code

Through all of the media attention towards the LGBTQIA+ community in recent times, many people are still unaware of the proper terms to address their fellow people. Come to Human Code to get a full and FACTUAL lesson on the many different genders, sexualities, gender identities, terminology to address the different genders, and so much more!

The Girls Room

This one is just for the ladies! Have you ever wondered how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while in school? It can be tough, but we have the tools you need! Join us at 7 PM Atkinson Room in Lane University Center  for an interactive workshop on how to become a healthier you! There will be demonstrations, goal setting, taste testing, and giveaways!

The Man Cave

This one is only for the men! Come to the special refuge for the men. But deep down: what does it mean to be a Man, how can we change this, mold it, or even expand it? Can it elevate us or lessen us? Join us for an interactive night on everything man related, and what it truly means to “Be A Man”

Obesity/ Nutrition Table

Stop by the table and get some information on positive nutrition as well as an obesity factoid. Use this as an opportunity to evaluate your own eating habits and take a proactive step toward a healthier you!

Fit For Life

Men and Women alike are invited to check out table! Visit the BURG Peer Education Network from 2-4pm in the Lane University Center.This a opportunity for you to learn fun ideas of how to stay active in this stressful life called college.

Do You See What I See

Jackie, Phoebe, and Broc are each in a different stage of an eating disorder. Join us at 7pm in Lane University Center's Atkinson Room for this theatrical style performance that lets you into the world of eating disorders. Learn how you can Bthe1 to help a friend in need.

I Heart My Body Shirts:

I Heart My Body Shirts

These Who Says Campaign Shirts will be sold throughout the campaign at our different events. Shirts are $12 a piece for all sizes. If you can't make it out to an event feel free to email us!

Measurement Tape Bracelets

measuring tapes

Each of us are beautiful in our own way. Join us and pick up one of these bracelets at any of our events. Let the world know that one number is NOT a person's defining character. This is the end of insecurities, low self-esteem, and self-doubt.