Basic Features


  • Bobcat Express is safe because you can carry less cash for discretionary spending. If you lose your card, it can be disabled by notifying the Bobcat/ID Office or any dining facility worker. Once notified, your card is disabled and your account is frozen. As an added security feature, your picture appears on your Bobcat Express card allowing merchants to identify you. Your BOBCAT EXPRESS card is safer than cash.


  • You can make deposits to your Bobcat Express account any time during regular business hours in person, by mail or by phone using cash, Visa or Mastercard at the University & Student Billing Office (located in Pullen Hall), at the FSU Bookstore, or online.
  • To make an online deposit to your bobcat express account, use the University & Student Billing Office's Adding Funds page.
  • All individuals currently holding a valid FSU ID card are eligible to open a Bobcat Express account.
  • There is no minimum dollar amount required for opening an account. Deposits can be made at any time in any amount and there is no maximum deposit amount.

Bobcat Express cardNote: Visit the FSU ID Card page for full information on all of the available services.  



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