Bobcat Express

Frostburg State University offers a unique money management system to all members of the campus community.

The BOBCAT EXPRESS is a debit card program available to all students, faculty and staff. This program is accessed through the FSU ID card. Note: Multiple services, in addition to Bobcat Express, are available with the FSU ID Card. Visit the FSU ID Card page for full information on the other services.

Select an option from the menu to the left for more information on the BOBCAT EXPRESS program at FSU.

Bobcat Express at FrostburgNote: Visit the FSU ID Card page for full information on all of the available services.



Scan the QR code to add funds to your Bobcat Express Account.


Instructions for Payment to Online Bobcat Express

  • There is $1.50 Fee to add money to this site
  • Login with user name and password (same password as Paws Account)
  • If you have never used this before you will need to register
  • It will ask for your login again
  • Type it in
  • To register make sure you use your 7 digit ID number for user ID card info. and Frostburg email address(it will not accept any other email and will lock account) If where you type in your 7 digit ID has a DPALL in the field delete that and type your 7 digit number in.
  • After all information is in, click register
  • It should say you are now Registered. Sign off then sign back on.
  • Enter Login and password
  • And click the Bobcat Express Box where it says Add money (this site only accepts Visa and MasterCard)
  • It will prompt you for the rest.
  • If further assistance is needed contact 301-687-4196 or 301-687-7094


Regulations for ID

ID must always be upon person for Identification purposes.

Please do not bend, break, put a hole in the card, carry it with or place against cellphone, or put in pocket.

  • We recommend you purchase a hard card case to carry the ID in to prevent breakage, lost, damage, and bending of card. The cases are only made to carry one card. If multiple cards are put in the holder it will damage card. Cases can be purchased at University Bookstore.
  • Placing it with or against a cellphone can cause the mag stripe to lose information. Do not place with or against a cellphone. If this happens, you must replace the card for a fee. 
  • ID's are used for door access to multiple buildings and the chip may become demagnetized. If this happens, you must replace the card for a fee.
  • The mag stripe is used for meal plans, vending machines, Bobcat readers on and off campus. If you scratch it or cause damage to the mag stripe, it will not work at locations and you must replace the card for a fee.


Bobcat Express

Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532-2303

Belinda Oester
ID Services Specialist
101 Pullen