• Account balances roll over from year to year.
  • Accounts may be closed at any time by spending the balance down to zero or by requesting a refund in writing to the Business Office. Refunds can only be for the full account balance. Refunds are processed through the University and Student Billing Office as they are received.
  • Generally, account balances remain in your account from year to year until graduation, withdrawal or termination of employment from the University. On leaving the University, please file a written refund request with the ID Services/BOBCAT EXPRESS Office to ensure a rapid return of your funds. Without a written request, balances over $1 will automatically be refunded within six months after separation from the University. Any balance from Title IV funds will be returned in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Cash withdrawals cannot be made.
  • Cash cannot be given for returns purchased by funds from the Bobcat Express. However, credit will be made to the Bobcat Express for returned merchandise.
  • Bobcat Express is not an equivalency program to provide equal trade of meals in Chesapeake Hall for meals in the Lane Center's Appalachian Station.
  • Lost cards can be reported at any location where the card is accepted for purchases and at the online card office. Until the time a card is reported lost, liabilities incurred on the card are the responsibility of the card holder and arrangements for a new replacement card must also be made by the card holder.
  • Please do not put a hole in or bend your FSU ID cards. The hole or bending the card will not allow your FSU ID card to work with the new door access system. Please do not carry the ID card in your back pocket. This could cause the card to break or bend and not work in the door access system. Card replacement fee is $20.00. You may also bill this fee to your student account for an additional $15. You can replace your cards at the ID Services Office in Pullen Hall, Room 101.
  • The FSU Bookstore carries plastic card holders that protect the ID cards. Prices for the card holders range from .69 cents to $5.00.
  • The Bobcat Express program will continue to grow and expand in response to the needs of the university community. As a result, policies and procedures may be adjusted. Further questions should be addressed to Tina Nightingale, University and Student Billing Bursar, Pullen Hall, phone 301-687-4321.

Bobcat Express cardNote: Visit the FSU ID Card page for full information on all of the available services.  



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