Coke Vending Locations

Vending machines are located in numerous places on campus. These machines include bottle soda machines and glass front machines.

  • Bottle machines vend an assortment of 20 oz. Soda Bottles and non-carbonated beverages.
  • Glass front machines vend 20 oz. bottles as well as juices, energy drinks, Powerade, Vitamin Water and cold coffees.

View the Vending Machine Locations table below for more information on where different types of machines are located on the FSU campus.

Vending Machine Locations at Frostburg State University
Location Type of Machine
Allen 1 Bottle
Compton 2 Bottle
Cumberland 1 Bottle
Diehl 1 Bottle
Dunkle 1 Bottle & 1 Glass Front
Edgewood 1st Floor 2 Bottle
Fine Arts 1 Bottle
Framptom 2 Bottle
Frederick 2 Bottle
Frost 1 Bottle
Gray 1 Bottle
Guild 2 Bottle
Gunter 1 Bottle
Hitchins 1 Bottle
Lane Center 1 Glass Front
Lowndes 1 Bottle
Old Main 1 Bottle
Ort Library 2nd floor 1 Glass Front
PE Inside 3 Bottle
PE Outside 4 Bottleo
Pullen 1 Bottle
Simpson 2 Bottle
Sowers 1 Bottle
Stangle 1 Bottle
Gira Center 1 Bottle
Westminster 2 Bottle
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