GPA Calculator

This Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator can be used as a tool to calculate your semester/term GPA and cumulative GPA. The cumulative GPA is the average of all grades a student has earned throughout their academic career, while the term GPA is the average of a student's grades in a particular semester. The result of the calculation does not constitute an official GPA. Your official GPA reports will be published in PAWS.

By accessing the calculator, you acknowledge that the results are neither official nor binding.

In order to calculate your cumulative GPA, please provide the following information:
  • Current cumulative GPA:  
  • Total number of attempted credits:  
  • Please provide the number of credit hours and the expected grade for each course.

  • If you are repeating a course, select "Yes" and indicate your previous grade. The grade you received in the original attempt will not be included in the calculation of your cumulative GPA. Only the new grade you receive upon repeating the course will be factored into your overall GPA. This means that if you did not do well in a course previously, retaking it and achieving a higher grade can help improve your GPA.

  • Grades of "P," "NC," "I," "W," and "CS" are not used in computing grade point averages.
. Credits Anticipated Grade Is this a repeat? Previous Grade

Term GPA:  
Cumulative GPA:  
           This semester, I am taking     credit hours.
           I want to raise my cumulative GPA to   .
           What semester GPA do I need to earn in order to reach this goal?

Please meet with your University Advisor if you need help or have any questions or concerns.