Academic Progress Pathway for First-Year Students on Academic Probation

The Academic Progress Pathway (APP) is an academic recovery program for first-year students on academic probation and is coordinated by the Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR). The Provost's Office will inform students of their probation status following the completion of the semester and the finalization of grades. The APP program provides students with support and accountability to improve their academic standing. The program is designed to lead students to identify challenges from the fall semester—and to engage in new behaviors and habits that can contribute to academic success.

Student participation in APP is reported to the Provost’s Office at the conclusion of spring semester, and that information can be used in decisions regarding the student’s academic status at FSU.

What are APP components? 

  1. Required Academic Pathway Overview Group Meeting (Attend one meeting time.)

    Fall 2024 meeting dates (These dates will be updated every semester):

    • Wednesday, August 28, OR

    • Wednesday, August 28 at 3:00 PM, OR

    • Thursday, August 29 at 12:00 PM

    You will receive more information via email in August on the meeting location.

    During this important overview meeting, we will review warning/probation program expectations--and what you can expect from your participation. You will learn how to achieve good academic standing at FSU and satisfactory academic progress to keep financial aid. The program is hosted by CAAR University Advisors, and attendance is reported to the Provost’s Office.

  2. Support Meetings (You will receive more information at the Overview Meeting.)

    Second-year Students: You will meet with your University Advisor, who will send you a meeting schedule for the semester. During the meetings, your UA will provide guidance and support to help you improve your academic performance.

    Third-year (and above) and Transfer Students: You will meet with your Faculty Mentor to create an academic improvement plan for the semester.

    TRIO/SSS Students: You will meet with your TRIO Academic Counselor.

    Note: You should consult with your advisor/academic counselor about course repeats and other schedule changes. Students on academic probation should take at least 15 credits in (depending on the student and their situation).

  3. Completion of Academic Recovery Plan & Learning & Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

    APP participants must complete both the plan and inventory within the first two weeks of the spring semester. The Academic Recovery Plan prompts individuals to reflect on challenges and strengths related to academic performance. Student and their University Advisor will work together to develop an individualized academic plan for spring.

    LASSI is designed to gather information about learning, study practices, and attitudes. University Advisors will share with students FSU’s school number, username, and password to access LASSI.

    For questions, please contact the Center for Academic Advising and Retention (CAAR) at

What can students expect from APP? 

  • Structure and accountability
  • University Advisor commitment and engagement
  • Personalized guidance and support to help form habits conducive to academic success

What do we expect of participants? 

  • Respect & willingness to learn and evolve
  • Regular attendance and involvement in one-on-meetings 
  • Honest and open communication 

What is academic probation/warning? 

Academic Standards Governing Academic Probation and Dismissal

First-Year Academic Recovery Toolkit