Alumnus of the Year

The College of Business, Engineering, and Computational & Mathematical Sciences Alumnus of the Year is awarded to a Frostburg alum who has made significant strides in the field of business. Click on the links below to read about past recipients of this award.

Larry D. Boggs
2019 Honoree

Wayne Scott
2018 Honoree

Kurt Pfluger
2017 Honoree

Brian Mattingly
2016 Honoree

Terry Headlee
2015 Honoree

Richard Brindle
2014 Honoree

W. Craig Bowman
2013 Honoree

Joseph A. Carrabba 
2012 Honoree

Michael J. Gallagher 
2011 Honoree

Richard R. Arnold, II
2010 Honoree

Estelle M. Martin
2009 Honoree

Elizabeth A. Rhodes
2008 Honoree

Rick Hill, Jr.
2007 Honoree

David C. Mahoney
2006 Honoree

Ralph E. Jordan
2005 Honoree

Quincy M. Crawford
2004 Honoree