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Capstone Projects

Next-Gen Bullet Resistant Nanocellulose

U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Brent Patterson, a senior materials engineering student at Frostburg developed his capstone project “Organic Bullet Resistance: Pushing the Capabilities of Nanocellulose” to create a sustainable bullet resistant material from nanocellulose. He presented his capstone research project at the international Materials Science & Technology Conference in Ohio.

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brent patterson



MelTech System for Melting Icy Driveways

For their senior capstone project, six FSU Materials Engineering students developed modular heated tiles to melt snow and ice on driveways, sidewalks and even roads. They named the melting tile “MelTech” and designed them to be interconnected tiles that can be laid over an existing driveway or sidewalk. An alternative to the messy salt used to melt snow and ice, the MelTech system would be environmentally friendly and cost effective. The students were also invited to present at the National Materials Science & Technology conference in Portland, Oregon.

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Components of the MelTech system being 3D printed.

Soldering the heating components inside the MelTech tile.

A diamond plate is secured to the top of the MelTech tile after the heating component is completed.


Previous Engineering Capstone Projects


Frostburg State University undergraduate materials engineering majors are getting hands-on experience on electronics manufacturing through using carbon nanotube ink to print a circuit on a thin plastic film, resulting in a highly efficient Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Heater.

Levi Hartsock explains and demonstrates a prototype invention he and fellow engineering students created using the Window Wizard. Students in capstone course use 3D printers at Frostburg State University to print certain components as part of this college engineering project. Hartsock, Zane Beal, Jairus Chaney, Isaac Robinson and Chris Santina are part of the collaborative mechanical engineering program with Frostburg State University and University of Maryland, College Park.