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Physics and Engineering

Collaborative Faculty
Adjunct Faculty


Dr Jamil Abdo

Dr. Jamil Abdo

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Department Chair

Office: 105 Compton SC
Telephone: 301-687-7026


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
MSc Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Dr. Hang Deng-Luzader

Professor of Physics

Office: 245 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4385
Email: hluzader@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. University of Maryland at College Park
M.S. Northeastern University
B.S. Beijing Teachers College

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Dr. Mohammed Eltayeb

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: 246 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4160
Email: mseltayeb@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Ohio State University
M.S. University of Akron
B.S. University of Kartoum

Dr Gregory P. Lattagreg-latta-web.jpg

Dr. Gregory P. Latta

Professor of Physics

Office: 121 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4792
Email: glatta@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Physics Kent State University
M.A. Physics Kent State University
B.S. Applied Mathematics Kent State University

John Lynch

Dr. John Lynch


Office: Compton SC 123A
Telephone: 301.687.3166
Email: jjlynch@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. University of Colorado
M.S. University of Colorado
B.A. Tufts University

Dr Zhen Liu

Dr. Zhen Liu

Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering

Office: 104 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.7799
Email: zliu@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Polymer Engineering Auburn University
M. S. Chemistry/Polymer Physics Tufts University
B. S. Polymer Chemistry Lanzhou University


Dr. Eric Moore

Associate Professor of Physics

Office: 122 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4500
Email: ejmoore@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Applied Physics University of Maryland Baltimore County
M.S. Applied Physics University of Maryland Baltimore County
B.S. Physics Frostburg State University

Dr George R. Plitnik

Dr. George R. Plitnik

Professor of Physics

Office: 120 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4159
Email: gplitnik@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Physics Brigham Young University
M.A. Solid State Physics Wake Forest University
B.A. Physics, B.S. Mathematics Lebanon Valley

Dr Oguz Soysal

Dr. Oguz Soysal

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: 119 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.7079
Email: osoysal@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering Istanbul Technical University
M.S. Electrical Engineering Istanbul Technical University
B.S. Electrical Engineering Istanbul Technical University

Dr Jason Speights

Dr. Jason Speights

Assistant Professor of Physics
Director of Multimedia Learning Center

Office: 189-D Gira CCIT
Telephone: 301.687.4339
Email: jcspeights@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Physics with Dissertation in Astrophysics NM Tech
M.S. Physics with Thesis in Astrophysics NM Tech
B.S. Physics NM Tech
A.S. Physical Science Maplewoods Community College

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Dr. Julie Yi-Zun Wang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Office: 103 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.3208
Email: yjwang@frostburg.edu


Professional Engineering license Pennsylvania
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Lehigh University
M. S. Mechanical Engineering Lehigh University



Mechanical Engineering Collaborative Program Faculty

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University Of Maryland/FSU Mechanical Engineering Collaborative Program Faculty & Program

The Mechanical Engineering program at Frostburg State University is a collaborative, distance learning program with University of Maryland, College Park, A. James Clark School of Engineering. For more information, please visit University of Maryland Distance Learning Programs.



Dr Robert Doyle

Dr. Robert Doyle

Email: rdoyle@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Astronomy University of Virginia
M.S. Astronomy University of Virginia
B.S. Physics Georgia Tech

Dr Joseph Hoffman

Dr. Joseph Hoffman

Email: jhoffman@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Astro-Geophysics University of Colorado
M.S. Astro-Geophysics University of Colorado
B.S. Physics Pennsylvania State University

Dr Stephen Luzader

Dr. Stephen Luzader

Email: mhkentrus@frostburg.edu


Ph.D. Physics University of Wisconsin
M.S. Physics University of Wisconsin
B.S. Physics West Virginia University

Mr Francis Tam

Mr. Francis Tam

Email: ftam@frostburg.edu


M.S. University of Minnesota
B.A. University of California at Berkeley



Beth Hoffman
Michael Prohonic III, FSU
Douglas Ashworth, Arundel Mills
Thomas Eberle, Arundel Mills
James Rhodes, Arundel Mills
Latha Suryavanshi Mahadeva Rao, Arundel Mills
William Hemphill, Cecil
Tanya Jackson, Cecil
Joseph Sharpe, Cecil




Ms. Crystal Frantz

Administrative Assistant I

Office: 123 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4298
Email: cafrantz@frostburg.edu

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Ms. Janet Lancaster

Administrative Assistant II

Office: 123-C Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.3250
Email: JLancaster@frostburg.edu

Mr Duane Miller

Mr. Duane Miller

Sr. Laboratory Manager/Coordinator, Manufacturing Center

Office: 107 Compton SC
Telephone: 301.687.4156
Email: dmiller@frostburg.edu

Teaching Interests: Additive and subtractive manufacturing equipment and processes.

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Mr. Kevin Fearon

Research Machinist

Office: Compton Science Center, Room 108 (Machine Shop)
On-Campus Telephone: 7790
Email: kfearon@frostburg




Spencer HamblinTeaching and Research Assistant 

Jared Hose: Lab Assistant 

Nate "Chris" Owens: Machine Shop Assistant 

Nick Harris: Additive Manufacturing Lab and Research Assistant 

Shea Przywieczerski: Student Lab Manager 

Philip Bernstein: Research Assistant 

Kevin Hedgeman: Teaching Assistant 

Tyler Malone: Teaching Assistant 

Sabrina Martin: Teaching Assistant 

James Dean: Machine Shop Assistant 

Daniel Records: Additive Manufacturing Lab Assistant 

Amanda Ridenour: Department Website Specialist 

Joshua Smith: Teaching Assistant 

Robert Spitler: Lab Assistant