Drop for Non-Payment


What Is It?

Due to a recent change in Maryland law prohibiting universities from withholding transcripts until past due payments are made, Frostburg State University will return to the procedure of deregistering students for non-payment. A student's course schedule may be dropped if/when they do not pay their account balance owed to FSU for an academic term.

Why Do We Do It?

It is the shared responsibility of students, faculty, staff and administration to ensure that students are successful in fulfilling their financial obligations to FSU. FSU will provide clear and reasonable payment requirements and timelines, targeted communication and assistance with complex financial decisions to ensure that students do not acquire unnecessary debt and are free to be academically successful.

Please note, any student experiencing an unusual financial circumstance should reach out to the Financial Aid Office to discuss aid options. Any student experiencing difficulties meeting semester due dates should contact the University Billing Office for information on payment options (payment plan options listed below). 

Beginning Fall 2024, FSU may deregister a student for non-payment. Please reveiw the dates below to avoid the deregistration process. 

Fall 2024 Process Timeline

July 31, 2024
Additional due date email reminder sent
August 5, 2024
Automated reminder calls to students
August 9, 2024
Payment deadline for Fall 2024
August 13, 2024
$50 late fee added to unpaid spring bills
August 16, 2024
Billing Office begins reaching out to student slated for deregistration
August 19, 2024
Remaining unpaid students Dropped from Fall 2024 classes
August 30, 2024
Add/Drop Date
September 3, 2024
Deregistration begins for students registering after August 13

What To Do If You Have Been Deregistered

If a student finds that they have been deregistered, it is imperative to act quickly to arrange for payment and to re-register for classes. Once students can re-register for spring classes, they will need to access PAWS-Student Center-Scheduling Assistant and be sure to complete the enrollment process. If desired classes are no longer available, students should reach out to their University Advisor or Faculty Mentor to help find workable courses. 

If a student has been deregistered for non-payment and does not plan to attend FSU, they should contact the Registrar’s Office within 24 hours. Students deciding not to attend should also follow up with the Billing and Financial Aid Offices to make sure amounts are clear.

Payment Plan Options

FSU’s 4-month payment plan is available through a student’s PAWS account. The first payment is due by the due date, Jan. 2, and then subsequent payments are due on Feb. 1, March 1, and April 1. The cost to enroll in the payment plan is $45 and no interest is assessed.  Students may enroll in the spring payment plan through Feb. 13; however, they will be required to pay the $45 enrollment fee and the first two payments to catch up.  The remaining payment dates do not change. 

  1. Imported Plan: The budget is determined by the amount due in the PAWS system, not including any anticipated financial aid showing on the FSU bill. The amount is automatically adjusted based on changes to FSU charges, financial aid posting, and financial aid adjustments.
  2. User Defined Plan: The budget is defined by the user. This plan is designed to allow the user to subtract anticipated financial aid listed on the FSU bill or other aid not showing on the FSU bill (i.e., DC Tag, Veterans benefits, 529 plans, employer assistance). The student must provide proof of any aid not showing on the FSU bill.  The user must make changes to the budget if anything changes.
  3. Administrative Plan: Students who have financial aid and/or third-party payments that cover at least one-half of their total bill can request to be enrolled in an administrative payment plan by the Billing Office. The student must send a written request from their FSU email account requesting to be enrolled in an administrative payment plan. Included in the email request is the total amount of the payment plan and acknowledgement that they will be required to pay the $45 enrollment fee through PAWS to complete enrollment in the plan. The student will receive an email from the Billing Office notifying them that the payment plan has been set up and that they need to pay the enrollment fee. 

Enrollment in either of the above plans is designed as a 4-pay payment plan for one semester (fall or spring only). The charge to enroll is $45 per semester with a minimum $940 enrollment for each term. The enrollment fee is required upon setup of the plan (must be paid online through student’s PAWS account) and payments are based on the following due dates:

  • Fall Due Dates: Aug. 1, Sept. 1, Oct. 1, and Nov. 1
  • Spring Due Dates: Jan. 1, Feb. 1, March 1, and April 1

Enrollment after the first due date requires the enrollment fee and the first payment.  Enrollment after the second due date requires the enrollment fee and first two payments. 

How to Avoid Being Deregistered for FALL 2024

  1. Complete the FY 2025 FAFSA form for the 2024-2025 academic year any time after December 2023.
  2. Visit the FSU Scholarship website to complete the FY 2025 FSU Foundation scholarship application for the 2024-2025 academic year after December 20, 2023-June 1, 2024. The Foundation scholarship application is reopening July 1-August 1. 
  3. Complete all FAFSA verification requests and confirm with Financial Aid that all desired loans have fully been accepted in advance of the term bill deadline.
  4. Students with veterans’ benefits should complete the VA deferment form and other documentation through the Veteran's Services Office
  5. Students with outside scholarships should send a copy of their award notification to University Billing and Financial Aid prior to the bill deadline.
  6. Pay remaining balance not covered by anticipated financial aid/outside resources or set up an official payment plan with University Billing Office prior to the term bill deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are a student’s obligations as part of the FSU Residence Hall contract?
A: This contract is for space for the exclusive residential use of the applicant while they are enrolled as a student at FSU. Students without a class schedule are not enrolled students at FSU and will be expected to vacate the room within 24 hours after the semester add/drop period ends, unless other arrangements have been made with the Director of Residence Life. In the event that items are left in student rooms after 24 hours, the student will incur a daily rate for storage of items. Items may only be stored for 30 days before they will be discarded. For more information, contact the Residence Life Office at 301-687-4121 or RLO@frostburg.edu

Q: What fees, charges or services will a student living in an FSU residence hall incur?
A: The student and/or guarantor is responsible for the full amount of room charges. Room fees are non-refundable except in certain special circumstances which must be approved in writing by the Director of Residence Life. According to FSU’s refund policy, the room fee is non-refundable after the end of each registration period including summer session.

Q: Is there a way to change my room charge or meal plan for Spring?
A: If you want to change you room to one that is less expensive, you can log into the Housing Portal on the Residence Life webpage and fill out the room change request. RLO will contact you for more information and to let you know your options. If you want to change your meal plan you can email billing@frostburg.edu and let them know which plan you would like. Spring 2024 Room and board prices

Q: How do I know if I have enough financial aid?
A: Visit FSU's Financial Aid website for information on qualifying for, applying for and managing your financial aid. 

Q: Do I keep my spot in my classes after being dropped for non-payment?
A: No, your course registrations are canceled entirely, and the seats are made available to other students. After arranging payment and clearing your registration hold, you will need to re-register depending on course availability at that time. 

Q: How do I apply for scholarships?
A:  Visit the FSU Scholarship website to apply for FSU scholarships. All scholarships are awarded bases on the availability of funds. For best consideration, submit a scholarship application annually. If you are receiving a scholarship in the current academic year and feel that you should receive it again next year, be sure to apply again. Renewable scholarships may not be awarded to students who have not applied. You can also visit the FSU scholarships page for additional opportunities. These scholarships consider academic talents, financial need and other factors to make award determinations.