Final Grades

Once you log into PAWS, you can view your final grades from your Student Center at the below path:

Student Center>Academic Records>View My Grades>Select Term

 View My Grades

 The grading symbols used at Frostburg State University are as follows:

A         Superior
B         Above Average
C         Average
D        Passing, but below average
F         Failure
P         Pass
W        Withdrew
WF      Withdrew after the withdrawal deadline (counts as an F, failure)
FX       Withdrew Unofficially (counts as an F, failure)
NC       No Credit
I          Incomplete
AU       Audit (no credit earned)
NR       Grade not provided by instructor
CS       Continued Study Required (you must enroll in a course which satisfies the Requirement in the next Semester). Only available in English & Mathematics courses that meet Core Skills Requirements.
N         Non‐pass (not permitted except where P/N is the only method of evaluation for a particular course)
PT        Pass by Examination (AP‐Advanced Placement, CE‐Credit by Exam, CL‐Clep, IB‐ International Baccalaureate)