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Students enrolling at Frostburg State will be classified as in-state or out-of-state based on guidelines set by the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland. This residency classification influences admission, tuition and other charges. Resident status is granted to students who have established permanent residency in Maryland based upon factors like living quarters, Maryland income tax payments, voter registration and a valid driver’s license. The complete Board of Regents’ Policy on Student Residency Classification, which fully explains the policy and the procedures for establishing in-state residency, is reprinted in this catalog’s chapter on policies and is available on the Board of Regents web site.

Residency status is determined for first-time entering students by the Office of Admissions. Students seeking a review of their residency status will be required to respond to a petition available through the Office of Admissions.

Once you are enrolled at the University, residency status is determined by the Registrar’s Office. Students desiring a review of their residency status after enrollment can obtain the petition from the Registrar’s Office or at the following link.

Petition for Change in Classification for Tuition