Mid Semester Warnings

Faculty members will assess students’ progress in all 100‐ and 200‐ level courses, and in all courses that meet Core Skills Requirements in the General Education Program, prior to mid‐semester. Students performing at the D or F quality level will be issued a mid‐semester warning early in the seventh week of classes. Students are responsible for discussing their performance with their instructors immediately.

Mid semester warnings can be viewed through your PAWS account. Access midterm grades at the below path once logged into PAWS:

Student Center>Academic Records>View My Grades (then click on toggle button and choose mid-term grades).

The toggle button will only be available if you received a mid-term notification email.

Only grades of D, F, FX, & N or NC where applicable, will be recorded at mid semester. If the grade is a FX, it means you are registered for a course and have been reported as not attending. You must resolve this matter with the Registrar’s Office immediately.

You are strongly advised to consult with your instructor and your faculty mentor or university advisor to determine how you can improve your performance in the course.