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Faculty and Staff

Theatre & Dance Faculty Nicole Mattis

Nicole Mattis

Associate Professor

Office: 300 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.3212
Email: nmattis@frostburg.edu


B.A. Northern Michigan
M.F.A. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Teaching Interests:

Acting, Voice and Movement


Theatre & Dance Faculty Mairzy Yost-Rushton

Mairzy Yost-Rushton


Office: 315 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.4781
Email: myost@frostburg.edu


B.A. DeSales University
M.F.A. University of Connecticut

Teaching Interests:

Acting, Shakespeare, Marketing for the Actor


Theatre & Dance Faculty Darrell Scott Rushton

Darrell Scott Rushton

Associate Professor

Office: 311 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.4487
Email: dsrushton@frostburg.edu


B.A. Florida State University
M.F.A. Virginia Commonwealth

Teaching Interests:

Acting, Intro to Theatre and Stage Combat


Theatre & Dance Faculty Phillip Schroeder

Phillip Schroeder

Assistant Professor

Office: 309 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.4393
Email: pjschroeder@frostburg.edu


B.A. Theatre and Film
M.F.A. in Theatre Design/ Scenography

Teaching Interests:

Introduction to Theatrical Vision, Scene Design and Costume Design


Theatre & Dance Faculty Gordon Duguid

Gordon Duguid

Production Manager

Office: 317 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.7460
Email: gjduguid@frostburg.edu


B.A. Frostburg State University

Teaching Interests:



Theatre & Dance Faculty Matthew Georgeson

Matthew "George" Georgeson

Assistant Professor

Office: Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.4130
Email: mjgeorgeson@frostburg.edu


B.A. Theatre Arts Studies
M.F.A. Design-Entertainment

Teaching Interests:

Intro to Theatre
Lighting and Sound
Stage Management
Theatre History


Theatre & Dance Faculty Conrad Maust

Conrad Maust

Director of the Performing Arts Center

Office: 304 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.3037
Email: cmaust@frostburg.edu


A.A. Garrett Community College
B.F.A. West Virginia University

Teaching Interests:

Design & Technical


Theatre & Dance Faculty Michele Labar

Michele Labar

Costume Shop Supervisor

Office: 217 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.7455


Theatre & Dance Faculty Aaron Bittner

Aaron Bittner

Scene Shop Supervisor/Master Carpenter

Office: 223 Performing Arts Center


Theatre & Dance Faculty Erica Breighner

Erica Breighner

Program Management Specialist

Office: 302 Performing Arts Center


Theatre & Dance Faculty Jamie McGreevy

Jamie McGreevy

Adjunct Dance Faculty/Director of Dance Company

Office: 300 Performing Arts Center
Telephone: 301.687.4145
Email: jsmcgreevy@frostburg.edu


B.A. Frostburg State University
M.F.A. Jacksonville University (Pending)

Teaching Interests:

Contemporary Dance