Special Circumstances

Sometimes a student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) does not accurately reflect his or her family's current financial situation. In some cases, the financial aid office has the ability to adjust the student's EFC, so that it more accurately reflects the student's current situation. This process is known as a request for "special conditions" consideration. The following situations qualify as special conditions:

  • A change in a student or parents income due to unemployment or a change of profession, divorce or separation
  • A change in household income due to the loss of child support, alimony, social security benefits, disability benefits, or unemployment benefits
  • A non-recurring income that was received for the prior year and recorded on the prior years taxes and/or FAFSA form
  • Unusually high medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance.

If one of the reasons above describes your family's current situation, please download the application for a special condition. Please return the application, along with all of the documentation requested on the application, to the Financial Aid Office.

In all cases, documentation of your family's situation will be required before a request for special consideration can be granted. A "special conditions" request cannot be completed until all documentation requested by our office is received.

If you feel that you may qualify for a special condition, but the reason for the change in your family's situation is not listed above, please contact our office for more information concerning whether or not you may qualify for special conditions consideration.

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