Understanding Your Offer

It can take several weeks to process a financial aid application, so we encourage you to complete and submit yours early. After your application materials have been processed and reviewed, you will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid letting you know that your financial aid notice is available on PAWS.

Your Financial Report Explained

Your financial aid notice lists if you receive scholarships or grants (money that is not repaid) and subtracts this total from your cost to attend.

Accept or Decline Your Offer

You have received your financial aid notice. Now what should you do? We assume that you will accept all aid awarded to you and it will be applied automatically to your university charges. However, if you want to accept or decline specific funding or reduce the amount of your funding, there are instructions on this page to help you do that.

Condition of Awards

When you accept our offer of financial aid offered by Frostburg State, you agree to fulfill the following responsibilities, including the terms and conditions set by the federal regulations for financial aid.

Renewal Criteria for Scholarships

At the end of each academic year, the FSU Financial Aid Office reviews the advertised cumulative GPA and required yearly credits earned for each student's corresponding renewable Admissions scholarship.

In addition to the academic year-end review, the FSU Financial Aid Office is also responsible for verifying the per term requirements of at least 12 credit enrollment (beginning of fall & spring) and a cumulative GPA at or above the FSU overall minimum 2.5 GPA scholarship benchmark (end of fall & spring).

Students may appeal the cancellation of their renewable FSU Admissions scholarship one time only. The student must be able to document extenuating circumstances and present a complete academic plan. A student in their final semester prior to graduation that does not meet the 12-credit enrollment minimum is also eligible to appeal.

Appeals received in the FSU Financial Aid Office by the end of the published free/add drop period of the semester upon loss of the award will be given preference. Students who successfully appeal must then proceed to meet the criteria set for their specific award upon the end of the approved semester to keep the award.

The above does not apply to FSU Foundation awards which are reviewed up awarding.

Office of Financial Aid

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • FAFSA: 002072