Current Undergraduates

Continuing students must reapply for financial aid each year. If you applied for aid the previous year, we will notify you by email early in the calendar year that it is time to reapply. If you do not receive information about reapplying or have questions, contact us.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

To reapply for aid, all continuing students must complete a new FAFSA. Use Frostburg State's federal code 002072. Returning students will receive financial aid packages in June via their Frostburg State email accounts, a few weeks after all student grades have been posted for the spring semester. You will be considered for Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized Loans, and Work-Study.

Frostburg State Code: 002072

Complete the FAFSA

Verification Process (if selected)

In certain cases, you may be asked to undergo the verification process, where you will be asked to submit additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office before receiving a financial aid package.

Apply for scholarships

We encourage you to explore and apply for any scholarships for which you are eligible. Frostburg State has many institutional and department scholarships and may require a separate application.

Scholarship Opportunities

Read Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

Every student who files a FAFSA form receives a Student Aid Report (SAR). When you file your FAFSA electronically, you will receive an email from the U.S. Department of Education stating your FAFSA has been processed. The same email will include information on how you may view your SAR. Review the SAR and pay particular attention to the section entitled "SAR Comments." The SAR comments section will tell you if your FAFSA has any errors that need corrected or if you have been selected for verification. Reading the SAR comments immediately after processing a FAFSA is a good way to ensure that the financial aid process runs smoothly.

Any subsequent requests for information will be emailed directly to you. It’s important to meet the deadlines and to respond promptly to all additional requests for information.

Study Abroad

How aid works while you are abroad

Frostburg State sponsored programs cost about the same as an in-state semester at Frostburg State except for the additional cost of travel, special fees (if any) and other personal expenses associated with travel abroad. In many cases, you can use your state and federal grants and loans to cover your overseas tuition. (Note: Maryland State Scholarships can only be used for programs sponsored by schools within the state of Maryland).

Although the Financial Aid Office is not able to offer extra grants or scholarships to help cover the additional costs of study abroad programs, there are some cases where the Financial Aid Office can offer additional student or parent loans after adjusting for study abroad costs.

What to prepare

It is a good idea to visit the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible once you decide to participate in a study-abroad program. If you normally receive financial aid, there will be special paperwork that must be submitted for study abroad. Specific processes will need to be completed, such as loan promissory notes and award letters, before any aid can be processed. Completing these processes and signing all of the necessary paperwork will ensure your financial aid for the semester.

Also, be sure to pick up the packet specifically designed for students seeking financial aid for study abroad from the Center for International Education. Students should speak with a representative from the Center for International Education, and pick up all of the required forms, before visiting the financial aid office. These forms are required before aid can be disbursed. At least three weeks before departure, double check with a Financial Aid Officer and the Center for International Education to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is in order.

Before you go

Select someone to be power of attorney

While you are away there may be additional documents that require your signature, such as checks, award letters, financial aid verification forms, and residence hall contracts. Power of attorney will give authority to another person - preferably a member of your immediate family - to sign documents on your behalf.

Taxes and FAFSA forms

Students traveling during the spring semester must file their tax returns before departing the country if they choose to file. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be completed. Without a completed FAFSA, you cannot receive financial aid for the next school year. FSU will begin awarding financial aid on March 1st.

Special Note: Students who in the past have received a dependency override must once again supply supporting documentation to a financial aid officer for approval before the FAFSA is submitted.

Student Loan Borrowers

Your loan agency may try to verify that you are a full-time student for the period you are abroad, whether you are registered at FSU or another outside institution. As a result, your loan agency will probably send you a letter requiring that you prove your full-time status. If you or your family receives such a letter, send it to the Center for International Education with a letter requesting that the loan agency be provided with proof of enrollment.

Visit the University Billing Office

You may be expecting a refund check before you depart. If so, the University Billing Office will need a letter from you to request that the check be mailed to an off-campus address. Make sure that your semester account is paid in full or that proper payment arrangements have been made. Any outstanding debt to the University may block future registration.

Summer Aid for Undergraduates

All summer financial aid is tentative. Any aid awarded can only be kept if you meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of the current spring semester. Summer aid is also contingent based on your completion of your summer courses. If you withdraw from any summer courses after receiving aid, then your financial aid will be reduced or canceled, resulting in an outstanding bill with the University Billing Office. Additionally, summer funding is dependent on any pending congressional legislation.


A student’s eligibility for summer financial aid is driven by their enrollment during the summer. To be eligible to receive aid, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate student who is graduating at the end of the summer session or the following December
  • Be an undergraduate taking 6 or more credits that want a Parent PLUS loan only

How to Apply for Summer Financial Aid

Undergraduate students interested in receiving summer aid must complete the following:

  • Complete the FAFSA form for the upcoming year.
  • Complete any necessary verification and provide all information requested for the upcoming year.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office and ask for the application for summer financial aid. This packet of information is typically only available after the start of summer registration.
  • Return the completed application for summer financial aid to our office. You will need to schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor at that time. Please keep in mind that you must be able to register for all of your summer courses, regardless of what session they are offered, the day of your financial aid appointment. If you require advisor approval to register for the courses, please gain that approval and make sure your advisor has unlocked your registration in PAWS before coming to the office.

Office of Financial Aid

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • FAFSA: 002072