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Mission and Vision

The Cultural Events Series (CES) at Frostburg State University provides opportunities for economic, educational, and cultural engagement through its dedication to bringing national and international performing artists to the tri-state region, thus enhancing and expanding the socio-cultural fabric of the region. Cultural Events Series allows participants to experience and celebrate the arts through live performance, educational outreach, and experiential education providing them with new ways to view, explain, interact, and promote global understanding and dialogue through the appreciation and acceptance of cultural differences.


We envision an environment for all members of our educational community and citizens of the Tri-State communities of Western Maryland, the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and the South Central Pennsylvania where:

  • Individuals can experience the transformative power of live performance;
  • Art and ideas circulate vigorously and freely;
  • Artists play a leading role in civic affairs and global dialogue;
  • People of all cultures interact and affirm themselves through the arts; and
  • Public and private sectors alike support the performing arts as a priority.


We believe the performing arts are essential. Live performance is a universal form of human communication, a fundamental component of free expression. The interaction between artist and audience is basic to civic life, crucial to the economic well-being of communities, indispensable to the mind and spirit.

We believe the performing arts unite all people. For the performing arts to flourish, we must have diversity and inclusiveness: in our membership, our presentations, and our audiences. By embracing all human experience-and bridging differences among individuals, communities, and cultures-we strengthen both art and society.

We believe the performing arts inspire leadership. Each of our members can and should play an active role in the arts world and in its home community. By accepting the responsibility to lead, exercising their own creativity, our members advance both themselves and their partners: presenters, artists, producers, agents, managers, funders, and audiences.

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