Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing is an on-campus living option available to our students who wish to belong to a welcoming community not restricted by gender identity or gender expression. This option will be available to all interested students regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or any other identity.

While the Residence Life Office will work with students to find appropriate inclusive accommodations in any residence hall, the recommended halls for gender inclusive living are the new residence hall and Annapolis Hall.

To best support this new initiative, there will be a Gender Inclusive Housing Community Agreement which provides guidelines for those within this community and to ensure ongoing training and development for all students regarding gender inclusion across campus.

Vision Statement:

Frostburg State University will implement an inclusive, affirming, and safe living environment that supports all student identities and expressions. All students will be afforded this opportunity, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, age, ability, race, religion, class standing, or other identity markers.

Mission Statement:

All identities and expressions are welcomed to live in the Frostburg State University residence halls safely, affirmed, and accepted, without ridicule or discrimination. In conjunction with all other housing options, Gender Inclusive Housing affords the opportunity to live in an environment not restricted by traditional conceptions of gender.

The Residence Life Staff will facilitate ongoing training, programmatic efforts, and resources for the betterment of those within Gender Inclusive Housing and for the broader campus population.

Collaborating with campus partners, Residence Life will advocate for gender inclusive practices throughout the Division of Student Affairs.

For Questions pertaining to Gender Inclusive Housing, please contact:

Katie Buehner (

For further information, please refer to our Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Gender Inclusive Housing. For students interested in this type of housing option, we ask that you review and agree to this Community Agreement.