Thank you for your interest in our department and programs. Below you will find information regarding admission to FSU as well as to the Music Department.


You will work with the Admissions Office to be officially admitted to Frostburg State University.

You may find the Financial Aid website useful as well.


In addition to being officially accepted by the University, you must perform an audition to be accepted as a Major in the Department of Music.

While you may audition for admission to the Music program at any time, you will only be considered for music scholarships by auditioning on the scholarship audition date: Saturday, February 15, 2025. The Music Scholarship audition will also count as the audition for acceptance into the Music Major, you will not have to do a separate audition. See the Scholarships page for more information.

Refer to our Music Auditions page for audition requirements and information.

Go to our Scholarships page to complete the Music Scholarship Application and find additional Music Scholarships information.

Programs Offered by the Department

  • B.S./B.A. Music
    Major and Minor
    Concentrations in Vocal Performance, Music Management, Instrumental Performance, Music Studies, Teaching Option