Music Auditions

Entering freshmen and transfer students are required to pass an audition in their chosen performing area before being accepted as a Major in the Department of Music. At that time they will also need to declare their area of study: Education, Performance (vocal or instrumental), Industry, or Music Studies. (Students may be required to re-audition if they decide to change their area of study.)

While you may audition for admission to the Music program at any time, you will only be considered for music scholarships by auditioning on the following scholarship audition date: Saturday, February 15, 2025. Virtual auditions and video submissions will also be accepted; the same deadlines apply.

The Music Scholarship audition will also count as the audition for acceptance into the Music Major, you will not have to do a separate audition.

See our SCHOLARSHIPS page for more information.

Audition Repertoire

  • All applicants are expected to be able to vocally match a single pitch and a short series of pitches.
  • We recommend two contrasting pieces for your audition (not more than 10 minutes total). If your selections are longer than 10 minutes, please select a portion that best displays your abilities. If we are not able to hear your audition repertoire in its entirety, this is not reflective of your ability; it is only because of time constraints.
  • Vocalists are recommended, but not required, to perform selections in two different languages.
  • Instrumentalists will be asked to perform two works differing in style and tempo.
  • Percussionists should prepare three selections: snare, timpani and mallets.
  • Guitarists who wish to perform electric guitar selections will be provided with a Fender guitar amp. Please bring your own 1/4-inch jack adapter cord.
  • Memorization of audition repertoire is encouraged, but not required.


  • Accompanist will be provided for vocal auditions.
  • Accompanist for instrumental auditions is optional.
  • If you require an accompanist, please send a copy of the music to the Department Chair at least 1 week before your audition. Email:

Theory Diagnostic

A brief Music Theory diagnostic exam will be administered prior to the audition.

Conditional Status

Based on proficiency, students may be granted conditional status while pursuing their music major curriculum and may be given full music major standing at a later date.

Audition Contact

To arrange an audition, please contact:

Dr. Brent Weber, Chair
Department of Music
Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, Maryland 21532

Phone: 301.687.4116

Programs Offered by the Department

  • B.S./B.A. Music
    Major and Minor
    Concentrations in Vocal Performance, Music Management, Instrumental Performance, Music Studies, Teaching Option