Program Requirements and Course Descriptions

The objectives of the FSU Music program are to provide a strong foundation in all aspects of music, including performance, history, pedagogy, management, and theory; to contribute to the breadth of the Liberal Arts component of the General Education Program of the university; and to provide performance and cultural opportunities for the university and western Maryland.

Music Department Handbook

The Music program offers the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music as well as the following Music Program options:

  • Music Teaching Certification Option
  • Concentration in Vocal Performance
  • Concentration in Music Industry
  • Tracks in Piano and Instrumental Performance
  • Track in General Music Studies
  • Music Minor
  • Jazz Studies Minor
  • Musical Theatre Minor

The program information is from the Undergraduate Catalog.

Please contact us with questions about program options and requirements.

Programs Offered by the Department

  • B.S./B.A. Music
    Major and Minor
    Concentrations in Vocal Performance, Music Management, Instrumental Performance, Music Studies, Teaching Option