FSU Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers F19

Dr. Scott Rieker, Director

The Chamber Singers is a select (audition only) ensemble of 20-24 singers that performs chamber literature from the various styles and periods of music. The choir rehearses three hours weekly with an emphasis on highly musical performances of primarily a capella repertoire.

The Chamber Singers place a premium on individual musicianship and refined technique. Noted for great diversity, dynamic range, the ensemble explores a wide variety of repertoire with particular attention to style and authenticity in performance.

Respected for its outstandingly wide-ranging repertoire, the Chamber Singers has performed throughout the region, state, domestically, and internationally including tours to Italy and the People's Republic of China with current international invitations being considered.

Auditions for the Chamber Singers take place at the beginning of each semester and are very quick and painless. There is nothing to prepare!

For information on auditions, upcoming performances, or to request they visit your school, please contact Mr. Scott Rieker at 301.687.4110, or email choir@frostburg.edu.

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FALL 2019: So I'll Sing With My Voice

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SPRING 2019: The Poet Sings: Choral Settings of Poetic Masterworks

View Flyer Image (CSPM)

FALL 2018: Glossolalia: Singing in Tongues

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SPRING 2018: Global Sounds: A Mosaic of Song

View Flyer Image (AMS)

FALL 2017: A Journey of Hope for the Holidays

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SPRING 2017: John Rutter's Gloria

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FALL 2016: The Season of Joy through Musical Meanderings

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Spring 2016: A Choral Fantasy

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Fall 2015: Music of the Soul, Spheres, and Seasons

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Programs Offered by the Department

  • B.S./B.A. Music
    Major and Minor
    Concentrations in Vocal Performance, Music Management, Instrumental Performance, Music Studies, Teaching Option