Network File Storage

The Office of Information Technology at FSU provides network file storage for the convenience and productivity of FSU students and employees. You are encouraged to use these network file storage locations to store your university-related content. Information stored here is backed up on a regular basis to protect against data loss associated with computer hardware failure.

Getting Access to Network Storage Space

All employees and students are given network storage space when they are set up with an FSU network account. If needed, use the Password and Account Management tools to find your username or reset your password.

FSU departments and offices may contact the Help Desk to request shared storage space on the University P: drive (see P: drive or U: drive information below).

Contact the FSU IT Help Desk for assistance if needed.

Instructions for Students

Cloud File Storage - Access for Students

Instructions for Faculty and Staff

H: drive & P: drive Access for Employees

Access from a PC (on-campus)

  • You will use your FSU username and password (your network account) to log in to the FSU network.

  • Once connected, click on the My Computer icon on your computer desktop. You will see the H: drive listed as one of the available network drives. Doubleclick on the H: drive to view your FSU Network file storage area. Also you may see a P: drive if one exists for your department.

    You can copy and save files to the H: drive from any program just as you would save them to your desktop or to your C:\ drive.

  • Note: For most staff, any files and data that you save to your My Documents folder are stored on the H: drive. The My Documents folder is located on the H: drive. To make sure the files in your My Documents folder are being stored on the H: drive, right click on the My Documents icon on your Desktop and choose Properties. In the Target field you should see H:\My Documents. Contact the Help Desk if you see anything different.

Access from a Macintosh (on-campus)

Off-Campus Access

You must first connect to the FSU network from off-campus. You can do this using FSU 's VPN service. Once you have successfully connected to the FSU network, you will see links to your H:, P: and U: (campus shared drive) drive.

Personal File Storage

FSU Network Storage

  • Employees - H: drive

    Faculty and staff are given personal space on the FSU network servers to store their files. This personal storage space is a folder on the University's network storage. In addition, files stored on the user's H: drive are readily accessible from any location on campus, including computer labs.

Cloud File Storage

  • Students - Microsoft OneDrive storage

    For students: OneDrive is online personal storage that you get with Microsoft Office 365.

    The beauty of OneDrive is that it is accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can access it from a Mac or Windows computer. You can even access it on your SmartPhone with the OneDrive Business App. Currently maximum space is 1 TB per person, but Microsoft is working on making it unlimited. This drive space is available to you as long as you are a Frostburg State University Faculty, Staff, or Student!

Department File Storage (P: drive)

FSU departments and offices are given shared space on the FSU campus network servers to store and share files. These folders exist on the University P: drive. Files on the P: drive are backed-up by OIT and provide a safe environment for file storage.

University Shared Common Drive (U: drive)

The U: drive allows for file storage and sharing between offices and departments across the FSU Campus.




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