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What is my OneDrive username and password?

The username and password for OneDrive is your FSU username and password.

How much storage space is on my OneDrive?

Every user gets 1 TB of space.

Can my storage space be increased?

No. Microsoft does not offer increased OneDrive storage space.  

Is my data backed up?

No. Files that have been deleted will be moved to your Recycle bin. 

When I save a file, I see different options. Which one do I use?

To save to your FSU OneDrive, select 'OneDrive - Frostburg State University'.    

Who can I share files with?

- Share files with specific individuals, do not share with "everyone" or the "public. 
- Be careful sharing links to shared folders because the link can be forwarded to others.
- Once a file is shared with someone, they can download it to their device and share it with others.
- Sharing the contents of the stored files on OneDrive with foreign nationals could result in violation of US Export Administration Regulations (EAR). If you are sharing data to a foreign destination, please review the Ear information here.   

What file types cannot be uploaded to OneDrive for Business?

The most common are .exe and .shtm. See the full list

How do I restore a previous version of a file? 

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