Kuali Training

  • Kuali Overview July 2022 - Recording (Overview) (mp4)
  • Basic Kuali Training 101 August 19, 2021 -  Slides (Basic) & Recording (Basic)

  • Workflow Training August 30, 2021 -  Slides (Workflow) & Recording (Workflow)
  • Kuali Proposer & Proposal Groups Training - Slides (Proposer) & Recording (Proposer)

  • *If you wish to create a proposal group, please contact provost@frostburg.edu

  • "IMPORTANT NOTE: When you are submitting a proposal, you must select/change to the new college in order to generate the appropriate workflow."

  • *Contents of the proposal group should included relative proposals in the form of course, program, and/or subplan changes that have been submitted for approval. Complete each proposal type first and submit for approval and then create the proposal group. The proposal group is merely created to organize and package curriculum changes into a package similar to historical processes.

  • Agenda Builder Training - Slides (Agenda) & Recording (Agenda) 

Navigating Kuali Curriculum Management


Log into Kuali with your Frostburg Credentials.

Click on Curriculum.



My Proposals - where you can find any proposals you've created.
My Action List - where you can find any proposals that require an action from you.



Left Navigation 

Courses - Search courses and submit new/change proposals
Programs - Search programs and submit new/change proposals
Sub-Plans - Search sub-plans and submit new/change proposals
Policies - Search policies and submit new/change proposals
Proposals - Search for proposals in draft, review, approved or rejected



Use the search bar a the top of each page.


Use the Filters on the right side. Filter by Status, College, and/or Department. 



For the workflow for any proposals of courses/programs, please refer to the Canvas course Academic Curriculum Proposals Review and Governance Approval Process. 


Creating A New Course

Select Course from the Left-Navigation and Click on "+ New Course"


Request Information

New Subject Code - State Yes or No if a New Subject code is needed
Implementation Date - Date on which the course will be official
Detailed Description of the Proposed Action - Add additional information about the proposed course


Course Information

Effective Date - Date on which the course will be first offered
Subject Code - Three- or four-letter code that relates to the department offering the course
Course Number - A number which a course is given based on the level of the course
Course Title - A short and general description of the subject matter covered
College - Select which college the course is associated with
Department - Select which department the course is associated with



Course Description - Brief description of the course in a few sentences
Academic Level - Select the level in which the course will be offered, such as Undergraduate or Graduate
Credits - Select between Fixed, Multiple, and Range
Course Frequency - Determine how often the course will be offered
Grading Convention - Select how the course will be graded
Course Components - The type of instruction given, i.e. LEC, LAB, SEM, etc.
Is the course repeatable for credits? - Select Yes or No to answer this question



IDIS Course Topic

If the new course is in the IDIS category, fill in this section with the topic of the specific IDIS course.



Add any courses or requirements the student must complete prior to registering for the new course. 
Any information entered in this section can be seen by the student to inform them.



Examples of Prerequisites 

Complete a Course



Earn a Minimum Grade in a Course






Special Permission 



Math Level 



Multiple Prerequisites




Supporting Documentation

Upload any additional files that relate to the new course such as a syllabus or collegial correspondence. 


 Once the proposal is complete, click "Leave Edit Mode"


Then click the "Submit for Approval" or other options

Submit for Approval - Starts the first step of the Workflow for Course Proposal.
Edit - Goes back to the proposal for additional changes
Delete Proposal - Deletes the draft of the proposal
Sharing - Allows you to send your proposal to others at the university for additional review
Print - Allows you to print the proposal
Audit Log - Summary of proposal changes 




Proposing Changes to an Existing Course 


Type the name of the course you would like to propose changes to in the search bar. Click on the proposal in search results. 




Click on Propose Changes.




Select the Change Type


There are two options to make a course which are Active and Retired. 
Retired will remove the course from the catalog and it cannot be scheduled. 




Identify the semester in which you wish for the change to take effect. (Not the semester you are proposing the change)


Give a detailed description of the change in the proposal being created. In this section, specify all of the changes that you are making and the rationale for why these changes need to occur. 




Make the changes within the Kuali page which were explained in the detailed description. See the above section on Creating a New Course for explanations of content for the course proposal.



New Programs/Name Changes

Must go through additional approval for input into Kuali.

Changes to Existing Program 

Select the Programs tab on the left navigation and search for the program that needs edited and click on it.


On the right side, click Propose Changes.


Select Change Type


Request Information 

Request Type - Select the type of request from the drop-down
Detailed Description of the Proposed Action - specify all of the changes that you are making and the rationale for why these changes need to occur
Primary Contact for Proposal - name the person who should be contacted for proposal questions



Program Information

Effective Date - Date on which the program will be first offered
Status - Active or Retired (Retired will remove the program from the catalog.)
Record Type - The category of the program, e.i. Major, Minor, etc.
College - Where the Department/Program is housed
Department - Where the program is housed
Program Code - Program abbreviation 
Program Title - Name of the Program, including category in parenthesis 
Academic Level - Undergraduate, Graduate, or Post-Graduate
Degree Type - Degree earned from Program 



Department Information 

Include information about the department such as mission statement, contact, and related programs. 


Program Information 

Include information about the program such as objectives, outcomes, and credit specifications. 



The requirements section is filled with the courses a student must complete to be awarded a degree. Changes to this section will be for a future catalog year. 

Section Title 

A custom title can be given to each section of the requirements. Examples include: Core Course, Required Advanced Course, Electives, etc. 


Additional Settings 

Settings - Click on the settings in the banner to make a section inactive, optional, use rule subcategories, or delete the section
Plus - Adds another section
Down/Up Arrow - Use to collapse or expand the section
Additional Options (...) - Move the section up or down in order 


Examples of Program Requirements


Complete All 



Complete All with Multiple Rules



Complete Minimum Number of Courses 



Earn Minimum Number of Credits with Courses Listed



Earn Minimum Number of Credits with Free Form Text 



Free Form Text 




Audit Log/History

Audit Log

The Audit Log shows the history of a proposal or course in Kuali. 

Type the course or program into the search bar. 


 Click on the course or program you want to view from the search results.


 Click on the Audit Log on the right-side of the proposal. 


This will show the Audit Log. To view the details of the exact change that was made by the listed user, click on "View/Hide".



The history is the record of proposals that have been submitted. 

Go to the upper-right corner and click the semester.


It will bring you to previous versions of the course. Click on View Original Proposal. 

The proposal that was submitted for that change will appear. The Audit Log is combined after a change is approved. Click View Active Course to view the Audit Log. 


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