Rates and Fees

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Rates and Billing/Guarantee Information

Necessary information must be on file prior to the beginning of the conference. Rates quoted herein are subject to change without notice by the University.

Lodging Rates

Frostburg State University offers several lodging options:

Single Double
Air-Conditioned Halls
Linen delivered to room
$45.00 $25.00
Non-Air-Conditioned Halls
Linen delivered to room
$34.00 $20.00
No Linen
$28.00 $15.00

The linen package includes two sheets, a towel, pillowcase, washcloth, blanket, pillow, cup, and soap delivered to each guest's room. There is a $10.00 per bed charge to have the beds made in advance. For family conferences, there is no charge for any child under the age of five (5) occupying the room in a sleeping bag, crib, etc.

The figures above do not include Maryland State sales tax (6%) or Allegany County occupancy tax (8%). These taxes will also be included additionally on the final bill, if relevant. If you do not want this 6% charge on your bill, it is your responsibility to provide proof of State sales tax exemption before the billing is set up. Unfortunately, county occupancy tax is relevant even to State sales tax-exempt groups. We keep our rates lower to factor in this expense to you. The overall rate is designed to be competitive, with our pricing set to factor in that food prices are higher so residence hall and facility prices are lower. 

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Estimated Meal Rates, Chesapeake Dining Hall - 2019

The rates as quoted below are per-diem per person, standard cafeteria service with unlimited seconds at all meals. A board day is dinner, breakfast, and lunch; adjustments are made for partial service (e.g., if a group checks out after breakfast, or does not arrive early enough to have dinner). Special meals, such as banquets, will be billed separately at the catered event rate; the cost of the standard meal will be deleted for that day based on the percentage of the daily rate applicable to the standard meal being deleted.

Estimated Meal Rates, Chesapeake Dining Hall
# of Guests Daily Rate Breakfast Lunch Dinner
0 - 100 $38.71 $9.66 $13.56 $15.49
101 - 200 $34.88 $8.73 $12.20 $13.95
201 and over $31.50 $7.91 $11.00 $12.59

The rates listed above do not include tax. If you are not tax-exempt in the State of Maryland, 6% will be added additionally. If you are tax-exempt, it is your responsibility to provide that information to FSU in advance of meals. All meals are all-you-can-eat, and then some, in the Chesapeake Dining Hall, by Frostburg Dining Services/Chartwells. Favorite of guests include our Open Market, the wood-fired pizza, and the ice cream machine. Costs billed are based on a guaranteed minimum or the actual, whichever is higher.

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Facilities Fees

(full-day and half-day rates listed)

Lane University Center - Because of the nature of events here, where some are very labor-intensive and some are not, the following link is a guide but in all cases, the Lane University Center & Event Services team (and often Catering) will work together with you for an estimate:

Facilities Fees
Facility Full Day
(More than 4 hours
Half Day
(Four hours or less)
used for banquets
$250 $150
Main Arena $750 $400
Hall of Fame Room $100 $60
Practice Gym $100 $60
Baseball Gym $100 $60
Racquet Ball Courts $100 $60
Climbing Wall

(includes two instructors)

(includes two instructors)


$75/hour (up to 50 swimmers) 
(includes two lifeguards)

$18/hour (additional for 51-75 swimmers)

$75/hour (up to 50 swimmers)
(includes two lifeguards)

 $18/hour (additional for 51-75 swimmers)

Tennis Courts $500 $300
Dunkle 218, Ort 237 and Gira Center $50 $30
Most other classrooms $35 $20
Recital Hall $500 $300
Drama Theatre $500 $300
Studio Theatre $350 $200
Rehearsal Studio $200 $125
Lobby $150 $100
Classrooms $100 $65

*Above rates for PAC are designed for a beginning guideline. Similar to the Lane University Center, events in the PAC involve meeting with the Office of Conferences & Events and building staff toward an estimate for your specific event. Some events are labor and equipment intensive, others are not. In all cases, specific space is requested of the FSU Office of Conferences & Events, which in turn requests it from building providers, who check existing schedule/classes/etc. You do not have space until it is officially reserved.

A guideline for overall PAC estimates

Classrooms, when not used for class purposes, will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no discount on rental rates for rooms scheduled on consecutive days. The Lane University Center and Performing Arts Center require a building manager and/or technicians when scheduled outside normal operating hours.

Rates quoted herein are subject to change without notice by the University.

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Miscellaneous Charges

Additional billing will be applied for the following: property damage; duplicating costs; audio-visual equipment not normally located in the room; special services (provision of flowers, sound systems, etc.). Specific labor/set-up charges will apply, depending on your program. Please note: Damage charges will be set by the University's Physical Plant based on established rates.

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A guaranteed number of meals is required no later than (10) working days before the commencement of your first scheduled food event. Preparations will be made up to 5% over your guarantee; however, minimum charges will be 100% of the guaranteed number should your guarantee not be reached, or the actual number, whichever is higher. If the number of delegates exceeds the additional 5%, please contact the University immediately. There is no refund for meals not taken. Guarantees for standard cafeteria meals may be different, especially if your program requires different numbers of delegates on campus for a particular event.

Guarantees for special catered events will also be made according to the ten-day deadline and will follow the same policies. A guarantee for housing accommodations should be made no later than ten working days prior to the arrival of your delegates. Registration cards will be kept by Frostburg State University conference staff; if registration exceeds the guarantee, the total on-site registration number will be used in billing.

The University considers the above points (guarantees for food and lodging) to be minimum information which is essential to preparations for your conference. If this is not met, the University reserves the right to charge you based on the original number quoted.

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Contract Requirements

The University requires the signing of a Facilities and Services Contract, which outlines in detail financial arrangements, cancellation policies, and state-mandated policies and regulations. Any arrangements made with the University are not binding until the facilities and services contract is signed by a representative of your group and countersigned by Frostburg State University. The University will honor the terms, rates, and availability of facilities as presented in the letter of agreement for fourteen (14) days from the date of mailing of the facilities and services contract until signed and returned by you. After that, rates and availability of facilities are subject to change.

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References & Statement of Purpose

Any group new to Frostburg State University (i.e., any organization that has never used the University's facilities as a conference site) must provide references before confirmation of space is made. References should include names, addresses, and phone numbers of institutions that have previously hosted your meetings. In addition, a statement of purpose as to your group's goals and objectives must be on file prior to any final commitments by the University.

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The Contractor shall secure, pay the premiums for, and keep in force until the expiration of this contract, adequate insurance as provided below, such insurance shall include the Contractor and Frostburg State University as insured on the liability insurance policy. A copy of the certificate of insurance, which shows compliance with these requirements, must be on file with the University before the conference can commence.

  • Workers' Compensation - As required by the laws of the state to cover all Contractor's employees.
  • Owner's, Landlord's, Tenant's, and Contractor's Bodily Injury Insurance, with limits of not less than $1,000,000. for each person and $1,000,000. for each accident.
  • Automobile Bodily Injury Liability Insurance with limits of not less than $5,000,000. for each person and $5,000,000. for each accident, and Property Damage Liability Insurance, with a limit of not less than $1,000,000. for each accident. For all vehicles operated by the Contractor on campus.

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Compliance With State Laws

If the Contractor is operating a “youth camp” as that term is defined by COMAR, Title 10, Subtitle 16, by signing this Agreement, the Contractor certifies that it has complied with all State of Maryland pertaining to the operation of youth camps. The contractor further certifies that it has obtained paid all required fees and obtained all necessary certifications for the operation of said youth camp.

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Cancellation prior to thirty days before your conference holds you liable for any direct costs borne by the University in preparing for your group. Cancellation after the thirty-day limit results in a charge for lost business opportunity computed at 50% of total projected charges.

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Billing Information

An advance deposit is usually required for the use of the facilities and services of Frostburg State University. The amount of deposit is negotiated separately for each group. The deposit must accompany the facilities and services agreement. Conference charges will be based on the following areas, with a day being considered from 12 noon to 12 noon.

  • Room: per person per day, with or without linen.
  • Board: rate per day, based on your group size x number of days x guaranteed number.
  • Additional costs (based on your specific needs); coffee breaks; banquets; special activities; lifeguards; equipment rental; lost keys; property damage; facilities rental.
  • Maryland State Sales Tax: MD state sales tax (currently 6%) is charged on the following items: sleeping rooms, food and beverage items, lost linens, lost keys, lost meal cards, equipment rental, and personal property damages. In addition to the sales tax, an occupancy tax (currently 8%) is charged on all sleeping rooms. Tax-exempt organizations must provide an MD State Tax Exemption Certificate prior to the start of the program in order to avoid paying sales tax. Only state and federal government agencies and organizations, or guests in residency of over 30 days, are exempt from paying the occupancy tax.

Prior to actual billing, you will receive a statement of charges as compiled by the Office of Conferences and Events. You will have ten (10) days to review the statement of charges and contact the University if there are any discrepancies. A bill from the University's Business Office will then be prepared and forwarded to your financial representative for payment.

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The following information must be provided to the University prior to the commencement of your conference:

  • Facilities and Services Contract (signed)
  • Deposit
  • Insurance Certificate (minimum of ten days in advance)
  • Guaranteed counts for lodging and dining services (minimum of ten days in advance).
  • For first-time guests of the University ...
    • Names of institutions that have previously hosted your organization
    • A statement of purpose regarding your group's goals and objectives

For assistance in planning your event, download the event request and planning form.

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