Event Planning Timeline & Critical Deadlines

When planning an event at Frostburg State University, there are many steps that you should take to ensure your event is successful.  By following the Event Planning Timeline and Critical Deadlines outlined below, you can maximize the event's success.  This timeline provides a checklist for your program, meeting, conference, or event.  Note the "Critical Deadlines" which are firm; missing a "Critical Deadline" may impact your event's success and could result in your event being canceled or a denial of advanced services such as lighting and sound.  

The first step is to determine if your event is a "Complex Event."  

A Department or RSO’s event will be defined as "Complex" at the discretion of the LUC or Student Activities and/or when the event includes, or is expected to include, any of the following:

  • Attendance (expected or historical) of more than 100 people.
  • Tickets (paid or free)
  • Contracted services (performance contract, independent contractor agreement etc.)
  • Police and/or Security
  • Advanced Audio/Visual Support
  • Event title includes: Social, Festival, Carnival, Dance, Fashion Show, Pageant, Auction, "Week," Open Mic, Concert, Comedy, or Culture Show.

Complex Events require planning and preparation.  It is virtually impossible to accommodate and plan for a Complex Event less than two months in advance, given the nature of the type of event, the required contracts for performers, etc.  Once a request is entered in the EMS Web App and an event is determined to be a complex event, the requestor will be notified via email that an Event Consultation is required.  Failure to arrange and attend this meeting by the deadline provided will result in a denied of your organization’s request, as institutional deadlines cannot be met.

Five (5) + Months Pre-Event

Brain storm event ideas and general vision of what the event will look like
Identify how this event aligns with the organizations mission
Identify the goal of this event
Choose ideal venue for event
Check venue availability
Request venue for event online through the EMS Web App
Registered Student Organizations may request space up to six (6) months prior to their desired event date
Choose ideal date and time for event as well as back up dates
Check University Academic Calendar for potential conflicts
Check City Event Calendar for potential conflicts
Check EMS and University Events Calendar for potential conflicts
Check for Surrounding Holidays, see if the desired date falls around time when many individuals may leave campus
Determine funding sources for event (if applicable)

Two (2) to Four (4) Months Pre-Event

Meet with Assistant Director for Event Services
Production Schedule draft
Identify funding sources
SGA, Organization Account, Fundraising, Etc.
Pre-Event Risk Assessment
Review applicable contracts
Meeting with Director of Student Activities is required for ALL contracts Lane University Center Student Organization Event Planning Checklist Eight (8) Weeks Pre-Event
Turn in completed Pre-Event Risk Assessment
Turn in final draft of Production Schedule o Receive and Approve of LUC estimate
Apply for SGA Funding (if applicable)

Six (6) Weeks Pre-Event

Receive and Approve of LUC room setup diagram (if applicable)
Although they should be done earlier, this is the strict deadline for:
Meeting with Assistant Director for Event Services
Final Production Schedule
Risk Management Plan (if applicable)
Contract Review (if applicable) Three (3) Weeks Pre-Event
Although they should be done earlier, this is the Strict Deadline for:
Approving LUC estimate o Approve event set up o Applying for SGA Funding
Ticket sale requests though the LUC Box Office

One (1) Week Pre-Event

Completed/finalized comp ticket list to Box Office Manager
Notify LUC of SGA funding (if applicable)
All PowerPoints, videos, etc. given to the Assistant Director for Event Services
Communicate/confirm with contracted guests (if applicable) Week of Event o Reserve space on campus for rehearsal
Including wardrobe change times
Group communication
Review individual responsibilities for event day
Review and remind of time line Lane University Center Student Organization Event Planning Checklist

One (1) Week Post-Event

Evaluation o Ask yourself and your team:
Should this event be planned again in the future?
In the same type of space?
What would you repeat about this event?
What would you recommend to improve and grow the event?
Was the goal of the event met?
What was your budget?
Did you go over?
If so, Why might that have happened?
Assessment and evaluation meeting with the Assistant Director for Event Services and the Assistant Director of Student Activities
What went well? Not so well?
Notes for next time?
Was the event well attended?
Did you meet your expected attendance number?
How does your organization determine a successful event?
Was it successful?
What did your organization learn through this process?
What could we do to assist you during your next event?
What additional event planning resources would be helpful for next time?

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