Marketing Your Event

After you've finalized the event details (date, time, location, price, etc.), the next step is to market your event.  There are a multitude of ways to market your event and this site will guide you through some of the most effective marketing opportunities available on the Frostburg State University Campus.  

Digital Signage

Did you know that the Lane University Center provides FREE digital signage advertising to Recognized Student Organizations and Departments?  For more information on utilizing our free digital signage, please visit our Digital Signage website.  

Lobby Tables

Another great way to promote an upcoming event is through staffing a lobby table in the Lane University Center.  To request a reservation for a lobby table, please log in to the EMS Web App.  

Clock Tower or Echo Circle Tables

Much like the Lane University Center's lobby tables, you can also request a reservation to table outside in either the Clock Tower or Echo Circle.  To request a reservation in these locations, please log in to the EMS Web App.  

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital Marketing is HUGE and an amazing way to market your events and to engage with your audience.  Check out Frostburg State University's Digital Marketing Overview for more information. 

Social media provides unprecedented access to reach a large audience.  Frostburg State University has created a strategy guide to Digital Marketing to assist you in making the most out of your digital advertising.  

Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising!   

Events Calendar

Another great way to promote your event to the campus community is to list your event in the Frostburg State University events calendar.   

Partner with Other Org's/Departments

When you partner and collaborate with another department or Recognized Student Organization, you instantly double your marketing abilities.  You reach twice the audience and have double the ability to market your event.  

Reach Out to On-Campus Influencers

On every campus around the country, there are a handful of students whom have a large social media following.  Partnering with these individuals to promote your event is yet another great way to get the word out.  

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