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The Lane University Center Digital Signage System consists of 14 monitors placed in the Lane University Center lobbies near main entrances and outside of each main meeting venue which offers student organizations, FSU offices and departments, and local businesses a new and exciting way to get the word out about events, opportunities and meetings. The goal is to inform and market events to the FSU campus and community to increase engagement at Frostburg State University. An average of 3,200 people travels past these monitors daily.

The Digital Signage System can accommodate a maximum of sixty 10-second advertisements at any given time. Accordingly, each advertisement is guaranteed to be displayed at least 6 times per hour/per monitor. An organization may display up to 3 advertisements on the Digital Signage System at the same time.

Event advertisements will be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks or until the date of the event, whichever deadline occurs first. Two weeks is defined as 14 consecutive calendar days. 

  • How do I submit an ad?
    • upload-digital-signage.png

    • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to create an ad and then submit the advertisement. Student and Community Involvement will not be responsible for the creation of advertisements.
    • Complete an advertisement submission form here at least one week prior to the advertisement launch date.  During this submission process, you will be asked to upload your advertisement in a jpeg format, 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high, with no fonts smaller than 26 pt.
    • Advertisements will be verified that they adhere to the submission requirements and is an approved University event.  Then, they will reply via email whether your ad has been approved or denied. Please note the University holidays, weekends and vacations will affect response time.
  • How to create a Digital Signage ad in PowerPoint?
    1. Open a new presentation in PowerPoint.
    2. Go to Design tab > Slide Size > Page setup and type a width of 20" wide x 11.25" tall.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Design your ad.
    5. Make sure to include all the required info and those fonts are large and easy to read from a distance.
    6. File > Save As "Type a file name" File > Export, select Format Type jpeg > Save Current Slide Only Width: 1920x1080
    7. Upload your jpeg.
  • Who can submit an ad?
        • Registered student organizations and FSU Offices and Departments 
          • Offices, programs, student organizations, or services of the University may upload ads for FREE.
        • Off-campus businesses, conferences, events
          • One 10-second advertisement to be displayed on the LUC Digital Signage for at least 6x/hour. Rates: Yearly $950, Semester $500, Month $200, Week $100, Daily $50; Design services available $15/hour. The Lane University Center serves 3,200 patrons per day on average.
        • How/where do I pay for my ad?
          • There is no charge for this service for offices, programs, student organizations or services of the University.  
          • Off-campus entities and businesses will be billed.
    • Size: 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high
    • Format: RGB JPEG is preferred, but our CMS can take pngs, PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel files, YouTube URLs, and Publisher assets as well. There is a 10MB file limit size when it comes to uploading assets.
    • Resolution: 72 dpi
    • Fonts: No text smaller than 26 pt.
    • The following information must be included in each advertisement:
      • DO NOT PUT THE RED FSU HEADER ON YOUR AD as the digital signage is already branded
      • Name of the Event
      • Date/Time/Location
      • Cost of Attendance
      • Who can attend? (FSU Students, FSU Campus, Community, etc)
      • Name of sponsoring organization/department/office
      • Contact information (name, phone number, and email)
    • Restrictions
      • The University has the sole authority to grant permission for use of FSU digital signage or other advertising on campus. Permission to advertise meetings and events in the Lane University Center must be obtained from the Department of Student & Community Involvement prior to the posting of advertisements or use of FSU digital signage. Any use of copyrighted material must be accompanied by evidence that the copyright holder has granted permission for use of the material. It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that their advertisement does not violate University policy related to the use of copyrighted material or copyright law. The University is committed to a campus environment that values diversity, and to the elimination of discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, creed, political or religious opinion, or affiliation, disability, veteran's status or marital status. The University will ensure that all advertising reflects its commitment to these goals.

Questions about Digital Signage?

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