Start with an Idea

The first step in your event planning journey begins with an idea.  Whether this event is one you’re your organization or department has held yearly for the past 20 years or whether this event is something entirely new and never been done before on campus, below are some questions to guide you towards planning a successful event.  The first step is to determine who will be part of the planning process and ask the group these questions: 

  • What is the mission of your organization or department and how can this event support your mission?
  • What are the needs of your organization and how can this event help you to meet those needs?
  • What are the needs of the campus and how can this event help meet those needs?
  • What do we want attendees at your event to learn or experience?

Once you have determined if your event idea should come to fruition, the next step is to begin brainstorming what approaches will be effective in meeting the needs of your organization and the greater Frostburg State University community.  Let’s get started on some details!  

  • Why are you promising this event? What is the purpose of it? 
  • Which of the following are you trying to accomplish with this event?
    • Is fundraising a main outcome for the event? Whom for? 
    • Is increasing your organization or department’s presence on campus a goal?
    • Are you trying to educate attendees? If so, on what? 
    • Are you trying to entertain attendees? If so, how? 
    • Are you providing an experiential learning opportunity? If not, how can you? 
    • Are you celebrating an accomplishment, holiday, or historic event?
  • When will your event take place?
    • Prior to browsing for available space, there are a few important notes to consider when choosing potential dates.
      • EVERYONE on campus likes to hold events in April. With that in mind, spaces and services are often not available.  Is there another date available that is’t in such high demand? 
      • Are there holidays around your event date (or on your proposed event date)?
        • Check major US holidays to ensure there are no conflicts.
      • Are there other events scheduled on campus at the same time?
        • Check the Events Calendar and the EMS Web App to see what is already scheduled on campus.
        • You should avoid scheduling events on top of other events, particularly if you may be pulling from the same audience!
      • What day of the week works best for the event and what other days are options? Does the event have to occur on a Friday or Saturday?  What is the worst thing that happens if you have an event on a Tuesday – when most groups do not program? 
      • How long is your event going to be?
        • Remember: an intermission shouldn't’t occur for events of less than four (4) hours because you will loose attendees who won’t return after intermission. 
        • As a rule of thumb, events should be about two (2) hours to keep your audience engaged.
        • Do you need a rehearsal? Do you need tech at your rehearsal? 
      • Where will your event occur?
        • How many people are you anticipating attending?
        • Do you need a stage?
        • Do you need advance theatrical lighting or concert sound?
        • Will a simple microphone do the trick or do you even need microphones?
        • Does the venue you are exploring have a capacity to meet your predicted audience and your organization or department?
      • What other considerations need to be factored in?
        • Are there opportunities for collaboration with another organization?
        • Who will be on your planning team?
          • Who is coordinating the event? This is the person who will have decision making authority. 
          • Who will do marketing?
          • Who will oversee partnerships or co-sponsorships?
          • Who will oversee any logistics day-of event?
        • Who is likely to attend your event?

Once you have considered all of these questions, you’re ready to develop your event budget and determine your fundraising needs. 


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