Risk Management Events

Some events may be deemed as “Risk Management” events such as concerts, dances, etc.  “Risk Management” events may require the presence of University Police Officers and/or additional security personnel, equipment, staffing, etc. at the expense of the sponsoring organization.   Determination of which event(s) meet the criteria for a “Risk Management” event will be made by the Director of the LUC, Director of Student Activities, University Police, General Counsel, and/or other individuals as needed or warranted based on the nature of the event, past events of this same nature, etc.  Security costs charged by the Lane University Center, Student Activities, or Frostburg State University are costs actually incurred; they are not based on the viewpoint or content of expression of the reserving party. 

An event will be defined as a “Risk Management Event” at the discretion of the LUC, Student Activities, University Police, General Counsel’s Office, and/or other Frostburg State University officials when the RSO’s event includes, or is expected to include, any of the following criteria:  

  • event that concludes beyond the normal operating hours of the property/venue
  • sponsored outdoor event that extends past 8 pm
  • event involving the potential of high risk or safety concerns
  • sponsored event that has had a risk management/safety issue within the past two (2) years
  • anticipated attendance of 500 or more
  • past history of events requiring a Risk Management Plan

The LUC reserves the right to require events to limit the number of attendees present based on applicable life-safety considerations.  Events with limited admission must be ticketed through the Box Office and the sponsoring department or recognized student organization will be responsible for all associated fees.  For ticketed events, all attendees, performers, and organizational members must be issued a ticket for admittance to the venue.  Ticketed events require support staff to control admission to the venue.  The sponsoring organization must identify an Organizational Event Contact to assist the Crowd Manager with logistics surrounding the event.  The Organizational Event Contact must not be participating in the event and must be readily available to support the event, at the discretion of LUC staff. 

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